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Harry Marschler initially represented me in a complex Highway Traffic Act matter that also involved another vehicle in a motor vehicle accident. I found Harry to be consistently professional, strategic, and well organized throughout this proceeding. Prior to the date of the scheduled trial, it was very apparent that Harry was well prepared and had a thorough understanding of the issues and the evidence. Harry successfully obtained an acquittal on my behalf, and I have since engaged him on two other occasions to defend charges for driving offences. I have been completely pleased with Harry's professional approach and ultimately, the final outcomes that Harry has achieved for me. Harry has a great deal of integrity and has the respect of prosecutors, police officers and most importantly, the courts within which he appears. I have referred Harry to several colleagues who have all shared the same positive experience that I have had.
Barrister and Solicitor, Toronto
I retained Harry Marschler to represent me in a speeding charge. Harry dealt with the charge expeditiously and was able to have the charge withdrawn without my having to attend at court on the trial date. Mr. Marschler was quick to respond to calls and ensured that any concerns that I had before the trial date were properly addressed. Harry is approachable and is committed to providing good and timely client service. While I am hopeful that I won't be calling upon him to often,  I would most certainly be retaining Harry Marschler to represent me if I were ever charged again with a driving offence.

President of Graphic Arts Company, Toronto
I have used Harry on a couple of occasions to defend charges that have been laid against me for driving offences. Harry has a good knowledge of the provincial legislation and certainly knows the ins and outs of the court system. With his many years of experience as both a provincial prosecutor and as an advocate who represents clients who have been charged, I had a great deal of confidence in him and felt totally comfortable with my decision to engage him. I was relieved that Harry was able to have my charges dismissed. Not only did I avoid the demerit points, but also the potential insurance premium costs associated with having convictions on my driving record.
Marketing Manager, Toronto

Appeal Careless Driving Ticket

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